Acerbic 酸澀的

Acrid 酸的

Aroma 芳香

Aftertaste 餘韻

A coffee's aftertaste, also called the finish, is a taste that remains in the mouth subsequent  to swallowing a sip of brewed coffee.



Aged 陳化

Alkaline 鹹味的

Apple 蘋果味的

Apricot 杏仁味的

Astringent 澀味的



Backed 烘烤的

Basic Tastes 基本味道

Batching 整批作業法

Batch roasters produce a fixed quantity (lbs per batch) of roasted beans at a time.



Bean  豆實

Bitter 苦味

Black Currant-Like 黑醋栗味的

Bland  平淡味

Body and Strength  稠度和濃度

Bouquet  清香的

Bourbon  波旁種咖啡

Brackish  有鹽味的

Brew Colloids  咖啡膠質 

Brew colloids affect coffee in two key ways. First, these relatively large masses of coffee stuff contribute to the coffee's perceived weight in our mouths (body) and to mouth feel (a looser definition that encompasses body, but also texture, consistency and anything else your mouth feels apart from taste). More colloids in coffee = greater body.



Briny  海水味



Caramel  焦糖味

Caustic  腐酸的

A detrimental coffee taste sensation characterized by burning, sour sensation on the posterior sides of the tongue. Caused by alkaloids increasing the sourness of the acids in combination with a high percentage of salts.



Cedar  西洋杉、香柏味、木質味

Cherry  果實

Cherry Skin  果實外表

Chocolaty  巧克力味

Clove-Like  丁香似的、香料的

Coffee Arabica  阿拉比卡咖啡樹屬

"Coffee Arabica" is the species name assigned to the coffee tree by European botanist Linnaeus while ategorizing the flora of the Arabian peninsula.



Coffee Bean Borer  咖啡果甲蟲

The coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei, is a small beetle native to Africa. It is among the most harmful pest to coffee crops across the world where coffee is cultivated. Some Spanish common names of the insect include barrenador del café, gorgojo del café and broca del café.



Coffee Berry Disease (CBD)  咖啡炭疽病

Coffee Berry Disease caused by Colletotrichum coffeanum was detected in Kenya      1922. CBD on green berries has two forms. Active lesions are initially evident as small    dark sunken spots which spread rapidly to involve as much as all of the berry. If infection occurs early and climatic conditions favor disease development, berry development is arrested, resulting in mummified berries on the fruiting branch.



Coffee Blossom 咖啡花

Coffee Canephora (Robusta) 剛果咖啡樹屬 (昔稱羅巴斯塔)

High in caffeine and rather bitter. Generally less acid and less aromatic than Arabica coffee. Often slightly woody.



Coffee Leaf Rust 咖啡葉銹病

Coffee rust is the most economically important coffee disease in the world, and in monetary value, coffee is the most important agricultural product in international trade. Infections occur on the coffee leaves.The first observable symptoms are small, pale yellow spots on the upper surfaces of the leaves. As these spots gradually increase in diameter, masses of orange urediniospores appear on the undersurfaces. The fungus sporulates through the stomata rather than breaking through the epidermis as most rusts do, so it does not form the pustules typical of many rusts.



Coffee Pulp 咖啡漿果味

Cooked Beef 煮過的牛肉

Coriander Seed 胡荽籽

Complexity 複雜性

Creosote 木餾味

Cucumber 黃瓜、胡瓜



Dark Chocolate 黑巧克力

Defects 咖啡豆缺陷

Unpleasant flavor characteristics caused by problems during picking, processing, drying, sorting, storage, or transportation.



Delicate 鮮美精緻味

Dry (Natural) Method 乾式處理

The method involves drying the whole cherry. There are variations on how the process may be carried out, depending on the size of the plantation, the facilities available and the final quality desired. The three basic steps, cleaning, drying and hulling, are described below.




Earthy 泥土味

European Prep 歐規處理作業


Fatty Oils 脂肪油

Fermented 發酵的

Fertilization 施肥

Flat 平淡無味的

Fermentation 發酵

Fresh 新鮮

Fresh Butter 新鮮的奶油

Fragrance 乾香氣

Fruity 果香

Full 飽滿的



Garden Peas 園圃豌豆

Grassy 草味

Grade Name 分級命名

Grading 分級

Green ─綠味

Processed coffee that is not yet roasted, or coffee that has been under-roasted and smells and tastes vegetal.



Hard 生硬味

Harvesting  收成

Herbal 草味的

Hidey 皮革味

Honeyed 蜂蜜的

Hulling (Milling) 去殼的 (研磨)

The coffee to be hulled is fed into the hulling cylinder where the cross beater forces the coffee to pass through the perforated screen. This results in the complete separation of the husk from the coffee beans. The coffee beans and husk then pass through a powerful Aspirator which can be precisely adjusted for the perfect separation of husk and peels from the coffee beans.

『利用撞擊或摩擦來去除咖啡果實上的外皮。Friction Hulling為用旋轉式刀片或小刀去掉豆子的皮。Impact Hulling為以滾動、按壓及擠碎的方式去掉豆子的皮。』



Inner Cropping 混合種植

Inter-planting young, non-bearing coffee with vegetables, annual food and cash crops, partly compensates for the high investment cost of coffee establishment, reduces soil temperature, smothers weed growth and supplies the soil with additional nitrogen (legumes) and organic matter when crop residues are turned back into the soil.



Intensity 濃稠度

Insipid 平淡無味



Lemon 檸檬、柑橘味



Maple Syrup 楓糖

Malt 麥芽味

Malty 麥芽味的

Mechanical Harvesting 機械收割

Medicinal 藥味的

Mellow 甘醇的

Mucilage 黏液

Mild 溫和味

Musty 霉味



Neutral 中性味

New Crop 新作物

Nippy 辛辣味

Nose 嗅覺

Nutty 堅果味



Oily 油膩的



Past crop 一年豆

Parchment 羊皮紙質薄膜/內果皮/

Parchment Coffee 咖啡羊皮紙質薄膜/帶殼豆

Peaberry 圓豆

Pepper 胡椒 (辛辣味)

Pipe tobacco 煙斗用的煙草、烤土司味

Piquant 辣味

Plantation Management 農莊經營

A system that includes coffee trees and the protections of the environment around.



Polishing 拋光

An optional procedure at the end of coffee processing and milling in which the dried, shipment-ready beans are subjected to polishing by friction to remove the innermost, or silverskin, and improve their appearance. Polishing does nothing to help flavor and may even hurt it by heating the beans, hence most specialty coffee buyers do not encourage the practice.



Potato 馬鈴薯味

Processing 加工過程

Pruning 修剪

Pulp 果肉

Potato 馬鈴薯味

Processing 加工過程

Pruning 修剪

Pulp 果肉



Quaker 未熟豆



Rancid 油耗味

A taste fault giving the coffee brew a highly displeasing taste. The rancid flavor of a roasted coffee is caused by the oxidation of the fats.



Rich 豐富的

Rio 里約味

With particular reference to Brazils, an iodine-like flavor that can be very pungent.



Roasted peanuts 烘烤花生、烤土司味

Roasted hazelnuts 烘過的榛果、烤土司味 (乾製水果味)

Roasted almonds 烘過的扁桃仁、烤土司味 (乾製水果味)

Roasted coffee 烘過的咖啡、烤土司的、有硫的味道

Rounded 圓滿的

Rough 粗糙的

Rubber 橡膠、化學味

Rubbery 橡膠味




Selective Picking 選擇性採收

Scorched 燒焦

Shade Trees 遮蔽樹

Sharp 利口味

Silver Skin 銀皮

Smoke ()、烤土司味

Soft 柔和的

Sorting 分類


Specialty Coffee 精品咖啡

Spicy 辛辣的

Stale 老化

Straw 稻草味、植物性的、乾枯的味

Strip Picking 直接剝除式採收

Sweet 甜味

Sweetly floral 花的甜味

Sweetly spicy 香料的香味



Tangy 撲鼻的、帶有強烈的酸味


Tarry 焦油味

Tea Gardens 庭園茶會

Tea Rose 茶玫瑰、似花的味

Toast 烤土司、烤土司味

Turkish Coffee 土耳其咖啡



Vanilla 香草、香脂的、甜的味

Vapid 平淡無味的



Walnuts 胡桃、烤土司味 (乾製水果味)

Weed Control 控制野草生長

Wet (Washed) Process 清洗過程

Wild 野味

Winey 酒味

Woody 木質味